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Crushcakes & Intelligentsia

When we opened Crushcakes Cafe back in February of 2008, we searched for the best coffee to pair with our cakes and food.  Because we use only high quality, local ingredients, we wanted to ensure that we would be serving the highest quality coffee, espresso and tea to compliment our menu items.  When we reached out to Intelligentsia, we discovered that Crushcakes would be the only restaurant in the Santa Barbara area serving Intelli and they are very selective about who they partner their product with.  After our initial meeting, we knew that we were a perfect match, Crushcakes with our high standards and Intelligentsia with theirs.  Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to Intelligentsia coffee, espresso and teas and will continue to do so as long as they continue to uphold their high standards of quality, taste and service.

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A little about Intelligentsia & why we love them!

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Intelligentsia travels to our coffee’s source each of the 12 months of the year. We visit farms, roll up our sleeves, and get to it. We take 24-hour redeye flights and 10-hour, high-altitude pick-up rides over serpentine roads. You pick up our coffee and we shake the hand of a farmer in Peru. Or Rwanda. Or Guatemala. And when you see the Intelligentsia Direct Trade logo on our bag, you know how much effort is invested in each bean.

In the broadest terms, these coffees should be understood as a true collaboration, with both sides investing a great deal of time, energy and ideas to produce something great. At the end of this process, the coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan, and should be regarded as such. We believe human effort is the most critical factor in quality coffee and that the growers who do the best work should get the best price and individual recognition.

Intelligentsia coffee roasting information

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From Intelligentsia’s inception in 1995, we envisioned serving to our customers not only the world’s finest coffees, but teas of unmatched quality. A tea that simply tasted great was not enough; we were looking for teas with complex aromas, pristine leaf appearance, and tastes unique and unrivaled by anything to be found in the country, and we would settle for nothing less than an offering that reflected our belief that, rather than simply another daily ritual, tea is an ephemeral art form to be relished with all the senses.

We have learned many things over the years, and we will continue to learn and explore every facet of the tea business as the years go on, building upon our principles to offer our customers the most intriguing teas in the world. We wish to share this knowledge with you so that you can realize their full potential. We have seen these teas through their growth and processing, and we want to help you see this commitment through to the cup.

We want great coffee and tea to be revered, yet democratic, approachable and accessible. By illuminating what is possible with coffee and tea, we hope to change forever how you think about it. And that would be something.

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Intelligentsia Cafe Beverages

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Hot Drinks


refills 1.00









vanilla haze latte


cinnamon honey latte


mocha, mayan mocha, or mint mocha


pot of organic intelligentsia hot tea


the seventh day

double shot espresso over ice with half & half and topped with our homemade whipped cream


double shot espresso shaken with milk poured over ice sweetened with our vanilla agave

the dark side

dark chocolate mocha sweetened with agave

Cold Drinks

berry palmer

a refreshing combo of our fresh squeezed lemonade & berry iced tea

black pearl

black iced tea sweetened with coconut agave and almond milk

arnold palmer


organic fresh brewed iced tea


Available at any of Crushcakes’ Cafes.


Many of our Hot Drinks are available iced. Ask us!


*** Please order carefully, there are no cash refunds.

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Catered Intelligentsia Drinks

Vela Menu Set

intelligentsia coffee service

(serves 10 to 12) includes all cups, creamers and sweeteners

fresh squeezed lemonade or iced tea service


Office breakfasts or lunches, birthday parties, showers or weddings, we cater all events and deliver with orders of $30 or more! Give us a call today at the Crushcakes located nearest you or email our Wedding and Event Manager at!