My favorite drink this season

bowl of soul

The Bowl of Soul.  Funny story about this one…. about 4 years ago we came up with this drink we called the Bowl of Soul at our Carpinteria location.  We created it special for a customer of ours who was looking for a sugar-free mocha option.  It was our amazing dark Belgium cocoa powder that we use to make our chocolate cakes and stirred it in with steamed milk, agave syrup and a double shot of espresso.  Delish right?   Only a couple months later we were served with a letter from a law firm in Colorado stating that the name “Bowl of Soul” was trade marked by another coffee shop and we had to cease and desist using that name immediately.  How did they even find out was my question??  But we changed the name of that drink to “The Dark Side” (yes, welcome to the dark and delicious side of crushcakes) and didn’t think twice about it.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago… one of my staff members made something for me that tasted like winter in a cup.  I asked him what it was and he said he just made it up.  My son was visiting for the holidays and saw me drinking Adrian’s creation and told me with excitement, “That’s a Bowl of Soul!”  I was like, what? No, a bowl of soul is a mocha in Colorado.  He said no, in Santa Cruz everyone makes this tea drink and calls it the Bowl of Soul.  So here I am again, making Bowls of Soul and hoping I dont get another threatening legal letter.  But if this name changes, you know why!!

To make the Crushcakes Bowl of Soul, first we steep our Intelligentsia loose leaf masala chai in about 1/4 cup of superbowl of soul hot water.  Then add a touch of honey.  Steam almond milk and fill the cup.  Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Literally winter in a cup!